How to Manually Update WordPress

Do you want to manually update WordPress? In this article, we show you steps required to update WordPress manually.

Why Need To Update WordPress Manually?

If you have a WordPress site then it is necessary to update whenever new version available. You can update the WordPress software to the latest version from dashboard->updates menu. It’s an easy and simple way. But it not works every time. Sometimes you can face the issue of a timeout. It depends on server execution time. Updating WordPress through dashboard will take some moments and if your server execution time passed out then it would stop updating WordPress in the middle which will be then a big problem. Your site could break or you will face some strange behavior in such cases.

Safe Way is Update WordPress Manually

By considering all such scenarios, the safe way is to update the WordPress manually. It’s also an easy and simple way. Just follow the steps below.

Note: Before performing further steps make sure you have taken backup of files and database.

  • Download the latest WordPress.
  • Delete the wp-admin and wp-includes folder of your site from your root directory.
  • Copy the wp-admin and wp-includes folder from latest downloaded WordPress and paste it into your project root directory.
  • Replace all files from root directory except wp-config.php with downloaded WordPress files from root directory.
  • Replace index.php file of wp-content directory as well.
  • Run your site now. Probably you will need to update the database.
  • You are done!

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