How to Download a Video from YouTube on Windows OS

YouTube is the number one video sharing platform to watch videos online. YouTube does not have an option to download a video. That means you must have internet access to watch YouTube videos. It is sometimes necessary to have videos offline. I usually download tech videos from YouTube so I can see it anytime even if I don’t have internet access.

I use the youtube-dl a Youtube video downloader software which provide us to download video from YouTube through command line. It’s very easy to use, super fast and provides a number of options. We can download any YouTube video, all videos from YouTube Channel, download YouTube playlist videos.

This software is available in all popular OS like Windows, UNIX, MacOS. You can find commands for UNIX, MacOS to download software on download page.

Install youtube-dl on Windows OS

For Window OS, the software provides an exe file. You must have Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) on your system. This is the primary requirement for this software. youtube-dl provides a link to download this package on the downloads page.


The user can keep youtube-dl.exe in any directory. This is the exe which we will use from the command line for downloading YouTube videos.

Download a Video from YouTube

Let’s say we have placed youtube-dl.exe under D:\yt-videos folder. Open the command prompt in this directory. Run the below command to see all available options provided by the software.

youtube-dl.exe --help


The command which download video from YouTube is as below:

youtube-dl.exe YOUTUBE_VIDEO_URL

download video

Download a YouTube Channel’s Videos

If you are following any YouTube channel regularly and you wish to download all video from YouTube channel then youtube-dl is the right choice.

All you need to is just copy the YouTube channel URL and you can easily download all videos from the channel.

youtube-dl.exe YOUTUBE_CHANNEL_URL

Download video from YouTube Channel
Same way you can download videos from YouTube playlist. Make sure you have wrap playlist URL in double quotes as URL contains ‘&’ which is treated as a special character.

youtube-dl.exe "YOUTUBE_PLAYLIST_URL"

Download Video from YouTube Playlist

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    Copying link every time for download the multiple video’s of one series, above mention commands gives complete set of videos within a minute., which save your important TIME…

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