How To Create WordPress Video Gallery of YouTube Videos

Are you looking for creating a WordPress video gallery? One may need to place the videos on their WordPress website regarding their products, how to use their service, etc. YouTube is a popular video hosting website and you can upload videos to YouTube and embed it on your website.

By embedding videos from YouTube, it saves a lot of bandwidth on your server. You don’t need to keep your videos on your server occupying unnecessary space. Another benefit is YouTube videos are great in terms of user experience.

Let’s say you are running a YouTube channel and you want to place all channel videos on your website. Doing so, your readers don’t need to go YouTube for watching a video. Your users can watch your videos directly on the website.

One drawback of this kind of video gallery is your users can only watch the videos. They can’t like or comment on your videos. But again it’s up to site owner how they want the behavior of video gallery. If site owner just wants to display videos for users convenient then video gallery is the best option.

In this article, we show you how to create WordPress video gallery of YouTube videos easily.

Getting Started

To get started, you need to first install and activate the YotuWP – Easy YouTube Embed plugin. Upon activation, you will see the menu ‘YotuWP’ in the dashboard.

YotuWP Settings

Next thing to do is enter your API key. Below are the steps to create an API key.

1. Go to Google Developers Console and create a project on it.
2. Select your project and in the sidebar click on Library.

Click library

3. Search for ‘YouTube’ and select the ‘YouTube Data API v3’.

Select YouTube

4. Enable the ‘YouTube Data API v3’.

Enable YouTube

5. Next, in the sidebar click on ‘Credentials’. From the Create credentials drop-down select API key.


It will create an API key which you need to paste in our plugin settings. Go to YotuWP->General Settings->API and add your API key. Make sure to save changes.

Add API key

Create WordPress Video Gallery

Once we added an API key we all set to add our video gallery. For this, go to YotuWP->Shortcode Generator->CHANNEL. Enter your YouTube channel URL and VERIFY it.

Verify Channel

After clicking on verify button, you will get the shortcode at the bottom of the page. Copy this shortcode and place it on your page/post.


Creating shortcode even made easy by a plugin, where the user can create a shortcode from directly edit screen of post/page.

Shortcode Button

Of course, the plugin provides different options like Playlist, Single video, Multi video, etc. You should give a try for these options.

Check your page or post after adding a shortcode, you will get the gallery which looks like as below:

YT Gallery

This is the gallery with the ‘Large’ player mode. In this mode, when you click on any thumbnail, a video will play at the top section. If you need to open YouTube video in the popup then choose the Player Mode as ‘Popup’ from the YotuWP->General Settings->PLAYER.

YT Popup

We hope you understand how to create WordPress video gallery of YouTube videos. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. I was thinking that creating WordPress video gallery of my youtube videos is a very hard task. But this blog guided me in the best way and now I easily do this task. Thank you for giving a helpful article.

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