Create a Backup of the Database within phpMyAdmin

Do you want to create a backup of the database? Keeping a backup of your database is always a good practice. In this article, we study the simplest way to create a backup of the database.

There are several ways you can take a database backup. One can export the database and store it locally or in the cloud. To export the database user can use phpMyAdmin, command line tool or any custom script.

Keeping database backup file on a file-system or on a cloud is a recommended way in case of your server can get compromised.

But, there is one more way of creating a database backup which stores your database in your phpMyAdmin itself. In other words, we can say that user can copy the database within phpMyAdmin.

Create a Backup of the Database within phpMyAdmin

Copying the database within phpMyAdmin is very easy and simple way. Doing so, you are creating another database which is the exact copy of your current database.

Head over to your phpMyAdmin from the browser and select the database which you want to copy. For instance, in our case, we need to copy the database ‘aw’.

Select Database

Click on the ‘Operations’ tab which would show us an option to copy the database.

Operations Tab

Under the section ‘Copy database to’ enter the new database name, select the option ‘Structure and data’ and click on Go button.

Copy Database

It will create an exact copy of your database with all records in it. By this way, you can also perform database related operations on the new database without touching the original one. This is useful if something went wrong with your website and you want to cross-check with the database.

We hope you understand how to create a backup of the database within phpMyAdmin. You may also like to read our article How To Store WordPress Backup To Dropbox Automatically.

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