3 Ways To Change The Password In WordPress

WordPress is a most popular content management system. A very large amount of websites has built using WordPress. So, most of the hackers target is obviously hack WordPress sites.

There are several security tips you should apply to protect your site from evil minded people. One of the tips is to change your password frequently.

SQL Injection attack can succeed if they are able to crack your username and password. You should install limit login attempts plugin which block IP address for certain amount of time if they failed in login attempts.

How To Change Password?

There are 3 ways to change the password in WordPress.

1. Go to Users->Your Profile. On this page you can set the password.

2. Click on the forgot password link. On next page you will ask for Username or Email. Enter your Username or email and click Get New Password button. WordPress will send you an email with system generated password.

3. If you have database access then you can change the password from the users table. Open users table. Click ‘Edit’ link. In the password field enter your password in plain text format. Select md5 from the drop-down. Click Go button.

I hope you understand the tutorial. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment below.

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